Miqedem Tour 2020

Miqedem Tour 2020

Miqedem tickets, concerts and tour dates 2019 — Festivaly.eu Clean Water” Ted Pearce with Miqedem @Messiah2016 YouTube.

Miqedem Concert 2018 MIQEDEM PSALM 150 (LIVE) Chords Chordify.

Events — Lifting Up Westchester MIQEDEM Psalm 23 תהילים כ״ג Chords Chordify.

Join us next year at Jerusalem Encounter 2020 // June 18–27, 2020 Prepare The Way Feast of Tabernacles 2020 YouTube.

Word from Jerusalem January 2019 (US Edition) by International MIQEDEM Adonai Ro’i מקדם ה׳ רועי Chords Chordify.